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Hotel Management Services

 Here is an overview of the hotel management services we offer:

Hotel Operations Management

Having an effective day to day management is vital to running a successful business. We will take over every aspect of this and focus attention on doing the right things at the right time.

  • Evaluate skill levels of team members and customer service delivery.

  • Staff training and development.

  • Introduce industry standard reporting procedures

  • Analyze product and delivery systems.

  • Control of operational and running costs

  • Forecasting and planning

  • Customer satisfaction analysis

Sales and Marketing Strategies

If not managed carefully large budgets can be spent in the wrong areas for little return. Successful Marketing requires a good understanding of the local market and environment. Timing must be accurate to take advantage of changes in market dynamics.

  • Maximizing occupancy by identifying niche markets, trends and opportunities

  • Full annual sales planning

  • Review of local advertising

  • Competitor and market analysis

  • Pricing and incentives

  • On line marketing to maximum effect

  • Management of On Line Travel Agents and booking engines

  • Customer Relations Management and guest feedback

  • Regular  E-Media campaigns

  • Social media management

  • Website SEO and re-targeting

  • Seasonal offers and packages

  • Adding offer value and up-selling

  • Travel Agent portofolio in high volume markets

Human Resources

We ensure the right people skills and knowledge are in place to complement your business.

  • Effective recruitment and staff retention procedures

  • Identifying and rectifying training needs.

  • Staff guidance and development

  • Multi-skill training to maximize the efficient use of staff

  • Employee record keeping

  • Disciplinary and complaints procedure

  • Dynamic senior managers knowing the way to work with the local workforce.